Design a Cellphone Case Craft Project

I've been writing a lot of intense content today and I need a brain break (or maybe a brain cleanse). So I wrote a whimsical article about cellphone cases. But being a teacher, I always have to tag a lesson plan to it. I read a post describing a new less-than-exciting cellphone case. Which got me thinking of the cute patterns (Game Boy, Dollar Bill) on the iPod cases my daughter ordered yesterday.

And then I thought what a fun graphics arts lesson it would be to design a cellphone case cover. Teachers, you could buy a bulk amount of plain white ones and let students design them in unique patterns with permanent markers. I think you could find rubber cases pretty cheap. Rubber takes permanent marker better than the hard shell plastic. I'd use this is marketing class or art. Read more Coolest Cellphone Case Patterns Evah!

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