Free Printable Habitat Dioramas- Science Activities

For hands-on science lesson plans, you can't beat habitat dioramas. Students explore concepts interactively, making 3-D scenes. Shoebox dioramas (scenes set up inside boxes tilted on their sides) help students visualize concepts. Diorama activities work very well for literature, social studies, animal habitats and life science lesson plans. Use animal habitats dioramas in life science lesson plans to help students understand how creatures interact with their environment.

Animal habitat dioramas can be made with found objects and recycled trash. Or here are free printable animal habitat dioramas from Crayola. Use these animal habitat coloring pages in hands-on science lesson plans. Printable dioramas give high success and help special needs and easily frustrated students create science projects they feel proud of.

The American Museum of Natural History has free printable animal habitat dioramas and science activities for different biomes. Look for "make it" and "coloring pages" links. From there, print backgrounds and creatures. Check out printable games and puzzles and lesson plans, too.

Exploring nature has
free printable animal habitats coloring pages
. Students can color and cut out and arrange in 3D shoebox dioramas. Or that could be the backdrop and they could glue plastic animals and plants in the shoebox base.

First Palette has free printable dioramas: Habitats or biomes include coral reef, African savanna, polar biomes, rainforest and Paleolithic dinosaur habitats. Free printable animal coloring pages are available at First Palette too. There are insects, mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians in different biomes. Have kids color and place in the proper environment. This teaches sorting, classifying and symbiotic relationships. Have kids explore KPCOFGS--kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species--concepts too.

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