Free Printable Chinese New Year Crafts and Lesson Plans on China

Chinese New Year begins in late January or early February on the western calendar. Here are free printable activities to celebrate this fun cultural experience. There are lantern festival activities too. 

Primary Games has twelve free printable Chinese New Year coloring pages featuring each of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac along with their Chinese symbol. There are the Rat, Dog, Tiger,
Dragon, Horse, Ox, Rabbit, Boar, Sheep, Snake, Rooster and Monkey.
Activity Village offers a plethora of free printable Chinese New Year crafts, games, puzzles, calendars, greeting cards, jigsaw, stories and more. 

DLTK has gobs of cute Chinese New Year coloring pages, zodiac activities, animal masks,
dragon masks and lesson plans on China. Animal Jr. has twelve more free printable coloring pages for each animal of the Chinese new year, plus more masks to print.

Apples 4 the Teacher has fifteen free printable Chinese New Year crafts and coloring pages, including animals of the Zodiac, a map of China and the Chinese flag to color. First-School has one of the very best organized and cross-referenced educational activities and free printables websites you will find. Teachers, parents, homeschoolers, religious educators, Sunday school teachers should bookmark First-School and visit frequently. For Chinese New Year, FirstSchool has free printable CNY lantern crafts, Chinese zodiac coloring pages, math games, history
and literature lessons and so much more.
Greet each other with Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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