Urban Exploration, City Spelunking, a History-Lovers Dream

Warning: do not read unless you want to become instantly addicted to what I'm about to share.
We're history and travel buffs in my family. We homeschooled our four kids starting in 1995. There was no internet to speak of then and if there had been, I wouldn't have used it much. I'm a hands-on kind of teacher, a get out and do gal. Every outing is an adventure and every adventure a lesson. What TV we watched (and it was minimal) was educational.

Our kids still watch educational TV and three are adults. A recent discovery we found on Youtube was urban spelunking. That's where intrepid (slightly crazy) people explore urban structures like regular spelunkers explore caves. Sometimes the places are abandoned, like the rocket storage facility in the Florida everglades. The documentary "Into the Darkness" touched on the discovery of a ginormous rocket left in a mine shaft in the 1960s.  The image on the left is an old, abandoned (queue spine-tingles) amusement park. For other urban oddities, read on...Urban Exploration, City Spelunking, a History Homeschooler Paradise

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