Protect Kids with Neighborhood Safety Town Programs

The news is full of stories about children being harmed in accidents, fires and via kidnapping. Are these tragedies preventable? Some require large-scale, community wide measures, but others could have been with simple saftey instruction. Remember Safety Town? Programs like this are a must to keep kids safe. The National Safety Town program came into being in 1964, by the efforts of Dorothy Chlad. It is a two-week class that children take, usually at local schools. The goal is to alert preschoolers and early elementary age children to stranger danger, bike and traffic safety, street-smart behavior and personal safety habits. No Safety Town program in your area? Start your own. I've taught similar programs in school and designed a version for our homeschool group. The good thing about doing your own Safety Town is that you can tweak it to your own local area. For example, we live on the lake, so pier and water safety are important components. Here's how I did it. How to Protect Children with Neighborhood Safety Town Programs

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