Free Printable Disney Greeting Cards, Invitations for Preschool, Special Education

I have a confession to make: I love kids' crafts. I also love Disney, espcially retro Disney characters from my childhood. And here's something that's no secret--kids do too! And making crafts isn't just fun. It teaches scissors cutting skills, tracing, fine motor, eye-hand--all those important preschool, early elementary and speical needs skills. Here are printable Disney greeting cards and invitations. Why not assign students to make cards for elderly or shut-ins? Or make and share in class. This activity helps mentally and emotionally impaired kids socialize and focus on positive things. Plus it will make your students really happy! Save on party decorations, too. Print a whole Disney-themed party with decorations, cards, invitations and more! Homeschoolers, get in on this too. Read more

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