Free Printable Easter Games, Crafts, Worksheets, Activities

Easter is the high holy season in the Christian church and the second largest national holiday in the U.S. (and many other countries). Easter has a secular side. Pagans celebrate it as ostara (where the actual holiday name came from). It's a secular celebration, too. Like so many holidays, it's gotten away from the original event, Christian or wiccan. There are similarities--bunnies, eggs and chicks come from the spring fertility rite. The hiding and finding of the basket harks to May Day. If you celebrate secular Easter or pagan ostara, here are printable crafts, games and activities. Websites offer greeting cards, egg decorating patterns, party games, cut and fold crafts, 3D Easter baskets, Easter bunny coloring pages, puzzles, mazes, worksheets, baby animals, spring science activities and decorations. Teach students the rich, complex symbolism and history in this ancient holiday (and holy day). Free Printable Easter Crafts and Activities: Color Your Own Cards, Games, Puzzles, 3D Crafts

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