Free Epiphany History Lesson Plans

In Christian Catholic, Byzantine and Orthodox faiths, Epiphany celebrates to visit of the three wisemen to the Holy Family in Bethlehem. January 6 is the Feast of the Three Kings, also called Three Kings' Day and Twelfth Night (because it takes place 12 days after Christmas). The Wisemen are referred to as Magi (same root as 'Magician'), Three Kings or in Spanish, Los Reyes. These kings each came from a different country and were not Jewish. They were likely Persian (Turkish), Egyptian and Ethiopian. Though we sing of the wiseman being from the Orient, none was what we think of as oriental' (from Asia, China or Japan or other Far East region). The term 'orient' means simply "east" ("occident" means "west")--so "oriental" was anywhere east of the Mediterranean and south of Judea.  Here's more historical data on Read more

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