Free Printable Outline Maps for Classroom Lesson Plans

Homeschooling and teaching is easier than ever, with all the free printable resources available on the Internet. I remember all the handmade lessons, activities and worksheets that I made back in the early days. I remember mimeograph and Spirit master ditto machines that were messy, noisy and tedious. The only happy part was the slight high teachers got from the fumes of the ditto machine! Did you wonder why they came back from the teacher's lounge in a better mood? But all kidding aside, with the advent of personal and home printers and free Internet resources, the busywork is exponentially less than the olden days.

Here are free printable lessons for social studies including printable maps for students to trace, color and label. Perfect for history and patriotic holidays. Free Printable Outline Maps for Classroom Lesson Plans

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