Free Printable School Gardening Projects, Lesson Plans

Here are several links for developing a garden in your classroom. Gobs of activities and free printable lesson plans.
Create an indoor garden

K-2 Gardening Unit

Get community involved and get grant money for school gardening project

Gardening safety at home and school

Cross Curricular, Hands On Plant Science Unit - Lesson One: Plant Structure
This in an outline of my unit on plants, including lesson one on plant structure. You'll find cross-curricular, multi-sensory, hands-on lessons and activities.
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Cross-Curricular, Hands-on Plant Science Unit
Lesson Two from my unit on plants. Complete with activities, printables and lesson plans.

Cross Curricular, Hand On Plant Unit - Lesson Three: Roots and Stems
Explore plant biology in this 6 lesson multi-sensory unit which addresses all major content areas. Includes lessons, resources, free printables and directions for lots of activities. This is lesson three: roots/stems.
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